Hand-Crafted Flowers

The special foam used for the flowers is extremely fine and feels just like real petals. They do not fade and are particularly useful for hayfever sufferers or a gift where real flowers are not permitted, such as in hospital.

Occasionally stems and/or foliage are made from card to give support but again look realistic.

There is a wide variety of gift boxes to allow you to add a small present if desired. Open window boxes, plaques, frames and hair accessories are also available.

If there are any specific coloured flowers you would like, these will be colour co-ordinated to ensure the finished product enhances the chosen design.

Gift boxes start from £4.75

Window boxes are £4.50

Plaques/frames are from £4.00

Hair Accessories begin at £3.00

If the gift is for a particular occasion please mention this when ordering to enable the correct message is attached.